Manpower Security

These days due to the alarming rise in crimes like robbery, murder and abduction, the need for manpower security is becoming extremely essential. We have a varied range of clients who chose MKDS for their safety and security. Our high standard of quality during on-field operations is one of the reasons why MKDS is one of the leading names for security services. Marshall’s Kennel and Dog Security services provides clients with ex-service men, armed guards, security officers, assistant security officers, security guards, or lady security guards, depending on the requirement of the client. We make sure to provide our clients with physically fit and fine guards who can take charge at all situations. Our guards are periodically trained by ex- army and ex-navy persons. Security personnel are trained in disaster management, first aid, security drill procedures, general frisking, firefighting, general etiquette, use of hand metal detectors. We also provide metal detectors, walkie-talkie and other equipment on request. We facilitate random and surprise checks to analyze the efficiency of our work force and take stringent measures to ensure that our tasks are done with complete dedication. We also take special care to rotate the security guards to avoid unwarranted familiarity with the locals. We gladly operate round the clock, throughout the year. Our guards perform various duties like guarding properties in the presence or absence of the owner, provide personal protection of lives, respond quickly and correctly during crisis, maintain order among people, escort guests, offer safety warnings and tips and much more. We provide static guards, patrol guards, personal security officers, marshals, event security, escort services & ATM security.