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Marshalls Kennel and Dog security service is one of the leading private security companies. It was founded by Mr. Mohammad Basha in the year 2000. Initially it started with providing man power and dog securities to various small establishments and group houses. Today, Marshall Kennel and Dog Security (MKDS) have walked itself up to new heights. MKDS service has a huge strength of employees and serves hotels, industries, government organizations, shopping malls, banks, ports, gold showrooms, establishments, events, apartments etc. MKDS provides the best of manpower security and dog security services, thereby assuring its customers with best standards of service.

Our Mission

To provide the best security solutions to customers through innovation, commitment to quality, training and strict compliance to standards.

To cater to the wide spectrum of security needs of all our customers.

  • Dog Security

    Our dog security services include patrolling, tracking, sniffing, detecting bomb explosives and much more.

  • Manpower Security

    We provide ex-service men, armed guards, security officers, assistant security officers, security guards, & lady security guards, who are periodically trained by ex- army and ex-navy persons.

  • Event Security

    We provide manpower security, metal detectors, walkie-talkie, bouncers etc., for high profile national & regional events. Sri Ramdev Baba's yoga seminar and All India Gold Fair exhibition are some of the events we catered to.

  • Dogs For Film Shoots

    We provide trained dogs for film shoots. These dogs are not only well trained, but are also of show quality.


Marshalls Kennel and Dog Security service has perfectly catered to my security needs. The employees of this security firm work with high professionalism. I would gladly recommend MKDS services to people looking for security services.

Mr. Subhash Menon

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