Dogs For Film Shoots

A dog is a man’s best friend. Dog’s possess an unusual ability of sniffing, ultrasound hearing and night vision. They are ready to work under all geo-climatic conditions and are easily trainable, alert, active and aggressive. No human or technology can match the speed, stamina or intelligence of a dog. Dogs perform a wide spectrum of services, both, during day and night. They perform duties like patrolling, assistance, rescue, search, guarding etc. No human or technology can outsmart a dog in terms of the specified duties. With the changing scenario and exceptional abilities of dogs, they are being employed in areas of explosive detection, crime detection, narcotics detection, patrolling, guarding, anti-sabotage checking etc. Our Dog security services include Patrolling, Tracking, Sniffing, and Detecting Bomb Explosives etc., at various locations like hotels, factories, godowns, isolated non-residential areas, residential areas, parking places, shopping malls, financial institutions, airports, cargo bay, railway stations, bus stands, parcel offices, post offices, conferences, exhibitions etc. We provide trained dogs which can be used to detect objects like explosives, illegal drugs, etc. at airports, cargo, railway stations, bus stands, parcel offices, post offices, hostels, hotels, institutions, pubs and discotheques. Dogs are very attentive due to their sharp senses; therefore, they help detect thieves very easily in the night. Marshalls Kennel and Dog Security service provides the best trained dogs for all security purposes.