Security – What will you choose protection dog or security camera?

Security is very prime either we are in the house, outside, business, hotel or for our country. It is requisite at each spot of life. As we all know life is uncertain and it is well-said prevention is better than cure. In today’s world, technology plays an eminent role in providing apex class security. Also, technology is at its peak. Every day we are coming across some new gadgets, applications, software. But though the technological securities are wide, will it be able to beat the level of security if compared to protection dogs? This is the very topic of our discussion. What will you choose protection dog or camera?
Over the past years experiments, surveys, research are going on and on to find the alternative forms of security. It won’t be surprising in mentioning that dog provides the world class security and mockingly surpasses the technology.
Let’s take an example of cameras. Yes, security cameras. Will it be able to beat the class of security provided by the dogs?
Let’s check it out with the basic features of camera –

1. Picture –
What is the ultimate result given by a camera? It is a picture. But does it tell all about the happening?

No, a picture is not worth thousand words. I am not saying that a camera is a bad option when it comes to security. It is perfect for security. As it catches the exact glimpse of the situation. And many cases have been resolved because of the camera images.
The point here is what a camera can do when the situation arises?
Camera freezes the moment which can be used later as proof. But it cannot alter the situation. It cannot catch the criminal at the same very time or stop the act of crime.
2. Easy destruction –
• Images or videos etc, captured by the camera are prone to destruction.
• Manipulation can also be done easily.
• A security camera is always susceptible towards destruction by the intruder.
• It is easy to hamper them if one knows about their presence.

The above are the major accepted drawbacks of the security camera.

Let’s turn the situation.

What if there is a protection dog?

• The burglar will undoubtedly give a second thought to make a move.

• The four-legged brave animal will be willing to help, protect.

• The dog will also be available for the situation no matter what.

Who gives the best security?

Let’s analyze it this way –
Eventually, when we think about security we always want the advanced yet superior level of security for our family, property, business etc. In order to get, over the top level of security the one giving us the same must be courageous, intuitive, competitive, fearless, alert. Including there should not be any point for excuses, for providing the reliable security for 24/7.
If we speak about the prime features that we want for our security the one compact answer would be the protection dogs.
► The presence of a protection gives the sense of secured feeling for the family, business and even for our country. It results in ultimate peace of mind.
► What happens when an intruder breaks and finds or observes a camera? He will definitely try to hamper it in one or the other way and might even succeed for the same.
► But, what if he suddenly confronts a well-trained protection dog, will he give a try? He might not try to take a chance.
Perhaps, cameras are always  great  and have done wonders in saving us from the uncertain threat and also catching the criminal, providing evident proofs. But all alone, it certainly falls down with some drawbacks.

From the above analysation, we can conclude that both camera and protection dogs work well separately. It is also not surprising and is clearly visible that the protection dogs are the best options for the family and personal protection. It also surpasses all other forms of security. But what if they are made to work together. Eventually, when both camera and protection dogs work in conjunction for the purpose of security, they will come with even as a better protection together.

Cameras and protection dogs are great if they work individually. But if we see the drawbacks of them we will bump into the camera and not on protection dogs that much.

What can be the real reason? The fear that any normal layman can shiver. Even also an experienced person will back off when he sees a dog growling with anger.

• About the author –

Ritu Sharma – I am a passionate writer and also a dog lover. I believe in the quote ” Each and every animal on earth have as much right to be here as you and me”. I love to travel, speak and explore the world. I use my passion for writing in the form of blogs to make people aware of pets and their health care.


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