Security Dogs – Bust The Misconceptions & Praise!

There are many misconceptions and myths circulating with regard to security dogs. The reason for these myths might be the way they are being presented in the virtual media. So, let’s not waste time and know the genuineness of these so-called rumors.

Security dogs

1. THEY CAN ONLY SEARCH DRUGS – Mostly you will hear security dogs can only search drugs and cannot detect any other smell. The first myth is busted here as we have discussed the strongest sense of dogs many times. This led us to conclude that dog has the best sense of smell. Detection of drugs is not only the thing which a dog can do. They can be trained to detect explosives, weapons arms, detonators and much more out of our imagination.

2. GERMAN SHEPHERD‘S ARE USED AS SECURITY DOGS FOR THEIR AGGRESSIVE NATURE – The German shepherd is one such breed which seems naturally ferocious but let’s get closer to GSDs and know them better. I think the perfect words to describe their temperament would be courageous, keen, alert and fearless too. They have a high learning ability along with strong protective instincts which make them perfect security dogs. But this does not mean they can’t socialize. They love to be with families and hang around and become great family dogs.

 3. SECURITY DOGS ARE FEROCIOUS – Let’s stop thinking about the virtual media and how the security dogs are presented. A security dog will not attack you unless the master is in danger. First, they will alert the handler or the person in charge by barking or growling. One should know a security guard is well trained and well disciplined to work for the safety and not to become nasty animals.

 4. SECURITY DOGS CAN BE TRICKED – Now, this is a pure myth about security dogs. Dogs are blessed to identify the scents individually. The dog takes the sniffs and odor hit the odor receptors of the dog nose. Subsequent to this, the signal then moves from the nose to the sensory cortex which is responsible for processing sensations and smells. And taking about security dogs, they are fully trained to sniff.

Following this, the sniffer dogs then interpret the smell and indicate accordingly to the handler regarding the detection. So overall we can say in one sentence security dog can smell individually even if there are a dozen of scents in the area.

 5. SECURITY DOG DO NOT NEED AFFECTION – This is a mistaken belief that security dogs do not need love and affection. If you want a dog who is well trained, obedient and disciplined then you need to step forward and reward him for being there and protecting you. A simple reward, pat, and a clap are all that they want. Even we being human to need the same precisely it is the same for dogs as well.

6. SECURITY DOGS ARE NATURAL KILLERS – These dogs are particularly trained to be vague, fearless, and courageous too. Their action depends on how they are trained. A well professional trainer teaches them to identify and distinguish between an intruder and a visitor. They will never attack unless provoked or instinct a danger.

After busting top six misconceptions about security dogs we can proudly change our perception. Security dogs give their everything and whole life protecting. They are possessive and protective towards their masters and that is out of concern. Due to lack of effective training and unnecessary along with the negative focus of media has turned the whole scenario.

In today’s world security dogs are used as a synonym of danger, aggression, and attack. They are being portrayed as natural killers and attackers. So it turns out to be our responsibility to end the rumors here itself.

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