Rottweiler – The Exceptional And Unknown Facts About Them

Rottweiler is one of the misunderstood breeds. So here we are, to burst all the bubbles with some of the exceptional and unknown facts about Rottweiler. These will modify your thoughts about this breed.


1.  Rottweiler has been considered as one of the oldest herding dogs originated in Germany and used by Romans. They were descended from a Roman Mastiff type dog known as Molossus.

2. It is also said Rottweilers were originated in a small town known as Rottweil in Southern Germany.

3. In the early ages, they were well-known as drover dogs, as they were used to drive livestock.

4. During Industrial revolution, their population declined whereas again in early 1990’s they attained recognition as police dogs

5. How Rottweiler is pronounced – The word Rottweiler is pronounced as rott-vile-er or it can also be like rott-why-ler.

6. Rottweiler’s are all the same. It means they come with black and with same brown markings on their chest, face, and paws. Whereas, the brown spots can come in three variations such as rust, tan and mahogany.

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7. Regardless of their large size and immense power, they are just the cute lap dogs who love to cuddle with their owners.

8. Talking about their jaw strength, they can beat German shepherd and pit bulls too. Their bite force is of 328 pounds landing them to be on top of the charts. They are considered to have the strongest bite in the canine world.

9. They need to know their power – Rottweiler’s are powerful and they are needed to be introduced to their strengths and how and when to use it. They are loyal, robust and sometimes furious and once trained and exercised desirably, they become the best breed ever.

10. They need determined owners – if you are willing to raise a Rottweiler then you need to have true leadership qualities and well determined. Rottweilers are not just suggested for the first time owners as they can be stubborn and hard to keep.

11. A misunderstood breed – Rottweiler’s are loyal and trustworthy breeds and it’s a misconception that they can attack or harm their owners or around people. It depends on how the owner has trained the dog and not on the dog.

12. It takes up to 2 years for a Rottweiler to grow completely and come in the desired shape. When they are small they are little destructive only if you leave them alone. They are playful and happy-go-lucky dogs just need attention and care.

13. Rottweiler’s needs extra care and concern in terms of health as they are likely prone to some health disorders like hip-dyslexia or eye disorders.

14. Rottweilers may go to stress or depression if left alone. They love to be around family and people. Do not mind if they follow you room to room. Though they are giant breeds and are gentle too

15. It is sad but the truth is Rottweiler’s are banned in some cities of America.

16. They can live in any environmental conditions with appropriate exercise.

17. Celebrities like – Bruno Mars, Will Smith Leona, Leonardo Decaprio, Robbie Williams are some who are the proud owners of Rottweiler’s.

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