Sniffer dogs – How they are trained and why they are different?

Sniffer dogs are the dogs that are trained to detect explosives, drugs, detonators etc by means of their senses. The sense here we are talking about is the smell. As in our previous article, I have discussed the strongest sense of the dogs among which the sense of smelling has ruled the charts. As we all are familiar with the word sniff which means to depict up air perceptibly through the nose to detect a smell. Hence, this is the reason the dogs that use their sense of smell to detect the destructive elements are on the whole known as sniffer dogs. The very famous sniffer dogs are Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden retrievers etc.


sniffer dogs



First of all sniffer dogs not only sniffs bombs or explosives. But apart from these, there are a lot of things. So how they are trained to sense so many different smells is the question?

  • Basically, the training depends on which environment the particular dog is going to work on. For example; if the dog is going to work in bomb squad then the dog will be trained to smell the elements of bombs.
  • The second thing to consider are the target scents. A particular listing is made of target scents. And the list goes on.
  • The method of training yet again depends on the environment the dog is going to work.
  • Then comes rewarding the dog.  The fundamental rule that is followed on for every dog is accepted here as well. But here are some additional rules as well. Initially, the rewards are being given when the sniffer dog shows some form of detection. But with the ongoing training process, the rewards are reduced and are only given when the dog shows some characteristic achievement or a conditioned response. The response given here by the trainers are always passive and not- aggressive.


As we have discussed the sniffer dogs. Now how they work is also an interesting fact to be discussed. Sniffer dogs have a separate superiority of identifying the scents individually. This means once a dog sniffs it takes the scents individually even if there are a dozen of scents in the region.

  • The dog takes the sniffs and odor hit the odor receptors of the dog nose. Subsequent to this, the signal then moves from the nose to the sensory cortex which is responsible for processing sensations and smells. Following this, the sniffer dogs then interpret the smell and indicate accordingly to the handler regarding the detection.

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We acknowledge the work and the distinct quality of sniffer dogs. They are our proud soldiers who have saved lives of many and undoubtedly takes no credit.


Dog’s senses – Understanding the five senses of your dog

Dog’s senses – Knowing about the dog’s senses is essential, as it gives us to step forward in understanding this four-legged animal. Like we humans have five different senses which help us to perceive the world. Similarly, dogs too have five senses which help them to do the same. But the importance of dog senses varies. Let us explore the five senses of dogs in detail.

Dog's senses

Smell –

If we are talking about the dog’s strongest sense then the sense of smell comes foremost. Even various researchers say dog’s nose is 1,000 to 1,00,000 times superior to our nose. This is the prime reason they form an indispensable part of bomb squad being the efficient bomb/detonators detectors. The reason for having such outstanding sense of smell is due to the existence of olfactory membrane. This membrane consists of about one hundred million smell receptor cells and is responsible for the remarkable capability. In our previous articles we have discussed the incredible sense of dog’s nose and how does it work.

Hearing –

After smell the second best among the dog’s senses to be considered is hearing. When compared to our dog’s hearing capability is further. They can hear at an ultrasound range. Which means their capability of hearing is 2 octaves higher than us. When we hear a sound from far it takes some time to figure exactly from where the sound is coming whereas when a dog hears a sound, it could easily and accurately figure the source. Dogs can not only figure the high pitch sound but also the sounds with a low pitch as well. Every dog does not have the same strength of hearing; it varies from breeds and age. Also, while they grow old they also lose or we should say the hearing capability decreases like us.


The third among the dog’s senses that stands is the taste. The sense of taste in dogs is least even if compared with humans. We have 9,000 taste buds whereas dogs only have 2,000 taste buds. Also, we humans will prefer to taste something on the basis of the smell but it is not same for the dogs. They would prefer to taste anything on the basis of how strong the smell is. Take precautions while serving food to your dog, it must be taken into consideration that there are certain items which are allergic to dogs like coffee, chocolates, raisins etc. You can also read the blog – Dog Food – Sharing is Caring.

Touch –

Primarily, the first sense we all discover is the sense. Likewise when a puppy takes birth the first sense it discovers is the sense of touch from the mother. As we see the natural process the mother cleans the puppy by licking. The newborn’s body is completely covered nerve endings which are touch sensitive. By cleaning the body by the mother the blood circulation also pumps up. This sense is also important for them to get socialize and enhance the bond with the other pack-family. You might be thinking the whole body of the dog is sensitive but it’s not like that. The most sensitive part of the dog’s body is the muzzle and because of this, it interacts using the muzzle with everything. The least sensitive part of the dog’s body is the base of the neck. Which mean the place which we generally use to pat the dog.

Sight –

When compared to humans’ dog sight is not that great it doesn’t mean their visibility is very low or they suffer from color blindness. Basically, the colors to which they are restricted are white, black and gray. But they can also see some other colors like yellow and blue. Which means sight is not that better like us. But while night the visibility of dog’s vision is considered great. This is because their eye consists of more rods when compared to human’s eye. These rods help them to see better in the night while able to distinguish between the various shades of gray. But as a matter of fact with fleeting time and growing age, the sight of dogs decreases as like humans. So when your dog is seeing and barking during the night it is advised to take it on a serious note.

Their ability of dog’s senses to perceive the world in a different manner makes them distinct from all other animals. Their senses make them the best guard, protective and service dogs.

Dog Security – The Need And Importance Of Dog Security In Events.

Dog security in events

Dog Security – With the fleet of time, everything has changed from the standard of living to our needs and choices. Previously we use to celebrate prime festivals and big events. Whereas nowadays we celebrate every little thing. Also then the need of security was not prime. But now things has changed. As you will agree with me when I say crimes has also increased.

To cope up with the increasing crime, it is important to have a well-trusted security. We should not ignore the well-said phrase “ Prevention is better than cure”.

Below mentioned points will help you to analyze the need of Dog security in events.

1. A well-trained security system –

Due to the increase in demand of security dogs, professional security has come with well-trained dogs and well professional dog handlers who are much capable of handling the negative situation if arises.

2. Well trained dogs –

As we know all kinds of dog breeds are not considered for security purposes. That is the reason there are selected breeds who are well open towards security training. German shepherds, labrador are some of them who forms a great part of dog security. Attack and protection dogs are specially considered for security purposes.

3. Well trained professionals –

Training a dog is a not an easy task. It must be left to professionals.  If proper training is not given the dog might become a danger to everyone. Training a dog is different and complex. 

4. Constant Monitoring –

A good dog security system knows the significance of security and how much important is to be alert all the time. It is always to be ready for the upcoming danger. A security dog gives its best when on duty. Apart from having a great sense of smell, they are always energetic and enthusiastic. Always alert on command. 

5. If compared to security camera

We are not saying that security camera is not worthy enough. But when it comes to comparing a security camera with a dog security then there are certain things which we really cannot pass by. The first one is the physical appearances. Seeing a security dog is enough for an intruder to think again and step back. The other most important are the instant reaction. If the intruder by chance bumps in front of the dog in security means he is in real danger.

6. Identifying smells

As we have discussed in one of our previous blogs that dogs sense of smell is the best and it is proved in various surveys also. Dog’s nose is not only able to identify one smell but also various smells and even when the smell is covered with other smells. This is because they have a larger nose when compared to ours. Hence, they are able to inhale more air than us. 

7. Peace of mind –

We all know conducting an event whether large or small every organizer are worried about the security. Dog security is a comprehensive procedure. It requires a well – trained and established security specialists. Dog security helps to vanish the tensions with regard to security and lets you focus on the event. 

From the above benefits of having a dog security in events, we can easily conclude that dogs are not only our companion, friends but also are great protectors. They give their everything for providing the best security whenever we need them. Dog security is not only effective but also unique. Next time when you are planning for an event, do think about having dog security as it plays a pivotal role when it comes to security.


Attack dogs vs. Guard Dogs

attack dogs vs, guard dogs

Attack Dogs – The dogs who are trained to preserve or attack a region/territory, property or person inferring aggravation are known as attack dogs. They are trained to trail a well-anticipated aim. Attack dogs have been used since history. In recent modern times, they are trained explicitly for security, police and military purposes.

attack dogs In a trouble-free sentence, an attack dog is a dog trained to attack as per command. This means if they can bite on command, they can also stop biting on command as well. One should know neither these dogs love to attack nor they attack out of fear and anger. An attack dog does so because they are commanded to do so.

This also does not mean attack dogs are out of a job when there is no one to command. If a situation arises these dogs uses their initiative and react accordingly.

It’s pivotal to train an attack dog from a good trainer. If attack training has been taken out in a proper manner these dogs become a savior. Training a dog to attack is not to be done by a layman. It is complex and different. It should be left to professionals.

These dogs are primarily known as attack dogs but there work is far more than to attack. They protect the troops from upcoming attack by sensing the enemy etc. In a way they are also trained to identify situations where humans might lack behind. Examples of best attack dogs are as follows; German ShepherdRottweiler, Bullmastiff, American Bulldog, American Pitbull Terrier etc.

Guard Dogs – These dogs should not be confused with attack dogs. They are completely different. A guard dog is similar to a watchdog. As the name suggest they are trained to guard their owner against the presence of strange or unexpected people as well animal.

guard dogs

Whereas a guard dog is generally not trained to attack but this doesn’t mean a guard dog cannot attack. They are capable of attacking if the situation arises. Specifically, the main work of guard dog is to alert its owner.

Most of the people confused them with alert dogs. Alert dogs are the dogs which bark in the presence of an intruder and likely to attack. Whereas guard dogs not only barks but have the capability to protect their owner from an uncertainty due to their size and tendency to bark. Examples of best guard dogs are as follows; Pug, Chihuahua, Chow chow, Doberman etc.



Police Dog Breed Ranking – Meet The Top Seven In The List

Dogs which is exclusively trained to assist police and other law enforcement personnel are known as police dogs. They are also known as “K-9” or “K9” in some English-speaking countries. These dogs need to have a distinct potential and unsurpassed strength. Their sturdy sense of detecting explosives, detonators, super fast run, intelligence, strong mentality are some of the mandatory characteristics to be fulfilled to be in the line of duty. Not every dog breed can work as a police dog. Catching a criminal is a tough task and needs lots of intense training and number of instructions to follow in order to complete a police task with utmost responsibility.

A. The following is the list of top 7 dog breeds that are used in police dog squads –

1. German shepherd

German shepherd
This dog is a medium to a large breed known for their bravery and cleverness. The German shepherd is the most commonly used dog breed in a police dog squad. They form a dynamic part of search and rescue, police, military missions. They have an immense enthusiasm to learn. When it comes to tracking criminals, patrolling, detecting explosives, detonators etc. German shepherd marks their place first. When the German shepherd is on duty, there is hardly any chance they will fall apart. Which makes them rank first as a police dog.

2. Rottweiler –

This dog breed is dependable and known for their intelligence. They have great guarding instincts too. This black coated dog has an abundant strength and knows to balance between intelligence and strength. Their look might give a ferocious appearance but they are calm, polite and self-confident. When they are on duty, they have the capability to snap off the finger from the hand. This powerful breed ranks second as a police dog.

3. Belgian Tervuren –

Belgian Tervuren
This dog breed resembles like a wolf tied on a leash. As the name, Belgian Tervuren is similar to terror same goes with their looks. They are wild looking dogs with the appearance of wolfs. Belgian Tervuren is highly intelligent and always ready to work. They are always ready for protection, agility, and tracking. This dog breed ranks third as a police dog.

4. Doberman pinscher –

Doberman pinscher
This is a medium to large size dog breed. They are considered as great watchdogs and are intended as a guard dog. They have great looks and muscular appearance. Doberman pinscher is not an aggressive breed and is easy to train. The appreciative skills of this police dog breed are learning new tricks, super fast run, chasing is. This dog breed ranks fourth as a police dog.

5. Giant Schnauzer –

Giant Schnauzer
The name may let you interpret that this dog breed is giant and ferocious. Eventually, this is a quite dog. Giant Schnauzer once introduced with strangers becomes a great companion. They also have a commanding appearance. They are easy to train and are very much loyal to their trainers and owners. This dog breed ranks fifth as a police dog.

6. Labrador Retriever

This is one of the popular and cutest dog breeds. They are known as hunting and sporting dog. They have an unusual nature to stay with scent until they find them. Detecting explosives, detonators etc. with just the smell makes them a trustworthy police dog. This makes them good detection dogs as well. This dog breed ranks sixth as a police dog.

7. Boxer –

Boxer police dog
This dog is a medium sized breed known for its powerful and muscular body. Boxers are great family dogs but on one hand. Whereas, on the other hand, they are intelligent with a strong mentality. Their guarding instincts make them vigilant watchdogs. They are considered as martial arts or gymnastics types of hounds due to their ability to jump. They are easy to train new tricks during police dog duties. This dog breed ranks seventh as a police dog.

With the fleet of time there capability and strength have shown a remarkable growth. Trusting an animal for the work of police dog is intricate. Whereas, if the breed has phenomenal skills and characteristics, then they form a great part of the police dog squad. We are bound to respect them for the hard work they pay for us in order to protect us from the upcoming danger.

Smell detection – What Dog Breed Has The Best Sense Of Smell?

Smell detection – We all know dogs have the super sense of detecting a smell. A dog nose rules and leaves far behind the human nose when it comes to human.They have the great sense of interpreting the world through smell like we humans do through our eyes.

► Here is the list of dog breed with the best sense of smell?


bloodhound dog

This dog breed tops the list with 300 million scent receptors, which is far more than any other dog breeds. They can not only follow smell but can even track a scent in the air as well. Which makes them the best tracking dog. They are so dependable that they are admitted in the court as a reliable evidence. One should remember they are shy and sweet and are scared of scolding.


basset hound

Long and heavy ears of basset hound play a momentous role to trail the smell. Also, their small body which is lower towards the ground is also a positive feature. The dog breed is of French origin. They are friendly and devoted towards family and work.



Though smallest of the hound breed shares as much scent receptors that of a german shepherd. They are not only used for detection with the hunters but also to detection in the airport as well. Recognizing more than 50 distinct smell has about 90% success rate. This is the reason they are third in the list.


German shepherd

The most popular breed with the most ferocious look is the fourth in the list with 225 million scent receptors. From military, police, search squad, rescue group they are on jobs all over which proves why they are the best. From personal to professional they are the best for protection. This makes them “one man breed”.


Labrador smell detection power

Not only abroad labrador retriever is famous in India as well. One of the best companion dog. They love to hang around play and are more known for their fine nose. When talking about detecting scents one will definitely raise a hand for the lab. Detecting bombs, guns, grenades, detonators etc, they are the best.


Belgian malinois

An agile dog breed is said to be similar to german shepherd dog breed. Famous across the globe for their excellence in herding, tracking, obedience has it all. They are easy to train.


Bluetick coonhound

Developed from English coonhound used for trailing the scent. They are not easy to train because of their aggressive nature. One can not train this breed so easily all they need are patience and persistence. They are also known as a cold nose trailing dog. Because they can easily track smell in cold areas.


English springer spaniel

The breed comes in two types that are field bred and shows bred, both are known for their good nose. Whereas field bred are used by hunters, show bred are used to detect odors like explosives, narcotics, fake currency etc.


Golden retriever

One of the cutest looking dogs breeds who is popularly used as guide dogs, therapy dogs for rescue purposes. But the fact is golden labrador can smell explosives, detectors just by some playtime and a simple reward.



Not to go with their size they are tiny but toughest dog breed. Their nose contains almost 125 million scent receptors. They are easy to train and have a happy personality. Not only they are great companions but also the best smell detectors.

Security – What will you choose protection dog or security camera?

Security is very prime either we are in the house, outside, business, hotel or for our country. It is requisite at each spot of life. As we all know life is uncertain and it is well-said prevention is better than cure. In today’s world, technology plays an eminent role in providing apex class security. Also, technology is at its peak. Every day we are coming across some new gadgets, applications, software. But though the technological securities are wide, will it be able to beat the level of security if compared to protection dogs? This is the very topic of our discussion. What will you choose protection dog or camera?
Over the past years experiments, surveys, research are going on and on to find the alternative forms of security. It won’t be surprising in mentioning that dog provides the world class security and mockingly surpasses the technology.
Let’s take an example of cameras. Yes, security cameras. Will it be able to beat the class of security provided by the dogs?
Let’s check it out with the basic features of camera –

1. Picture –
What is the ultimate result given by a camera? It is a picture. But does it tell all about the happening?

No, a picture is not worth thousand words. I am not saying that a camera is a bad option when it comes to security. It is perfect for security. As it catches the exact glimpse of the situation. And many cases have been resolved because of the camera images.
The point here is what a camera can do when the situation arises?
Camera freezes the moment which can be used later as proof. But it cannot alter the situation. It cannot catch the criminal at the same very time or stop the act of crime.
2. Easy destruction –
• Images or videos etc, captured by the camera are prone to destruction.
• Manipulation can also be done easily.
• A security camera is always susceptible towards destruction by the intruder.
• It is easy to hamper them if one knows about their presence.

The above are the major accepted drawbacks of the security camera.

Let’s turn the situation.

What if there is a protection dog?

• The burglar will undoubtedly give a second thought to make a move.

• The four-legged brave animal will be willing to help, protect.

• The dog will also be available for the situation no matter what.

Who gives the best security?

Let’s analyze it this way –
Eventually, when we think about security we always want the advanced yet superior level of security for our family, property, business etc. In order to get, over the top level of security the one giving us the same must be courageous, intuitive, competitive, fearless, alert. Including there should not be any point for excuses, for providing the reliable security for 24/7.
If we speak about the prime features that we want for our security the one compact answer would be the protection dogs.
► The presence of a protection gives the sense of secured feeling for the family, business and even for our country. It results in ultimate peace of mind.
► What happens when an intruder breaks and finds or observes a camera? He will definitely try to hamper it in one or the other way and might even succeed for the same.
► But, what if he suddenly confronts a well-trained protection dog, will he give a try? He might not try to take a chance.
Perhaps, cameras are always  great  and have done wonders in saving us from the uncertain threat and also catching the criminal, providing evident proofs. But all alone, it certainly falls down with some drawbacks.

From the above analysation, we can conclude that both camera and protection dogs work well separately. It is also not surprising and is clearly visible that the protection dogs are the best options for the family and personal protection. It also surpasses all other forms of security. But what if they are made to work together. Eventually, when both camera and protection dogs work in conjunction for the purpose of security, they will come with even as a better protection together.

Cameras and protection dogs are great if they work individually. But if we see the drawbacks of them we will bump into the camera and not on protection dogs that much.

What can be the real reason? The fear that any normal layman can shiver. Even also an experienced person will back off when he sees a dog growling with anger.

• About the author –

Ritu Sharma – I am a passionate writer and also a dog lover. I believe in the quote ” Each and every animal on earth have as much right to be here as you and me”. I love to travel, speak and explore the world. I use my passion for writing in the form of blogs to make people aware of pets and their health care.

Zanjeer – This dog saved lives of many in the Mumbai Bomb Blast 1993

Zanjeer – An unlikely hero who emerged after -effects of a significant unpleasant event that shook the whole country from the Mumbai Bomb Blast 1993. We all know about this disastrous chain of 12 bombs which went off across Mumbai in March 1993. But do we all know about the hero who saved countless lives or the disaster could have been almost inevitable?

zanjeer the bomb dog


Also Known As Ginger
Breed Golden Labrador
Color Golden
Gender Male
Date of Birth 7th November 1992
Date Of Demise 16th November 2000
Worked In Mumbai Police Dog Squad
Known For Detection bombs, explosives etc.
Famous Saving Thousands From 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blasts

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Zanjeer the golden labrador came out as shining savior was the proud part of the Mumbai Police bomb squad. The Mumbai Blast 1993 which left 257 dead and 713 injured. But this could have augmented to thousands if Zanjeer was not on duty. He saved thousands of lives by detecting more than 3,329 kgs of the explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and more than 6400 rounds of live ammunition.

• The Mumbai police dog squad came into force in the month of  December 9, 1959.

• Prior, then the squad consists of three Doberman Pinschers  – Kumar, Bindo, and Rajah.

• The main aim of the squad then was only tracking and solving criminals. As at that time there were not so many terror attacks. But with the fleeting of time, there was a rise in terror attacks. The result of which additional sniffer dogs was trained to detect explosives, ammunition etc.

• Among the new arrival dogs, one was the golden labrador Zanjeer.

• He joined the work in Mumbai Police Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad on 29th December 1992.

• Zanjeer was handled by Ganesh Andale and V.G. Rajput.

• He was also called as Ginger lovingly by his fellow officers because of his coat color.He was trained at the Dog Training Centre of the Criminal Investigation Department in Pune.

• Zanjeer got his name after the famous Amitabh Bachchan starred movie Zanjeer. 

• Zanjeer has a glorified list of detection that includes 175 petrol bombs, 57 Bombs, 11 military bombs,600 detonators and 200 grenades. The list is excluding the Mumbai bomb blasts.

• The reason for which labrador retrievers, German Shepherd and Doberman were appointed in the dog squad is somewhere because of Zanjeer. He has shaped a milestone or we should say a landmark for dog squads.

zanjeer demise

Sadly, Zanjeer suffered from bone cancer and demised at the age of 8years in November 2000. He was honored with the floral tribute by his fellow officers. Services given by him is truly unmatched. He will never be forgotten by the country.


Dog’s nose – Understanding their Incredible Sense Of Smelling

The dog’s incredible sense of smelling thing is considered unmatched. The unbeatable sense of dog’s nose is enough to blow anyone’s mind. They are remarkable when it comes to remembering scents. Even if we are supposed to compare human and the dog sense of smelling , there are many figures that come into the expression which says dog’s nose is 10, 100, 1000 to 1,00,000 times better than that of the human nose. Various studies give various results.


Dog's nose
This can be the prime reason dogs are trained in detecting bombs, weapons, explosives or drugs, tracking or attacking enemies etc. Here I will specifically mention that dogs are considered as the most effective bomb detectors. No machine or equipment can beat the dog’s nose. This statement makes more valid when I say even after spending billion dollar amount.

A. What makes a dog’s nose so distinguished than others? 
Even if the smell is covered or masked by other odors, a dog can smell it and that too individually. The interesting part of the dog’s nose. There is a possibility as they smell in layers.

We can take the reference of one of the recent surveys, which proved that a dog’s nose can even smell cancer. As we all know cancer is a deadly disease that is taking lives of many. If the same happens, this can definitely cure and save millions of cancer patients.

B.This leads us toward a question. Why so? How can a small four-legged animal smell better than human? How is it possible?

This can be explained as-

• The olfactory membrane – It is a thick yellow structure, that consists of about one hundred million smell receptor cells. Which is responsible for the sense of smell.

• The human nose has only three square centimeters of the olfactory membrane. Where if we take only for an example  one breed like bloodhound which has about 150 centimeters of the same.
Jacobson’s Organ – A particular organ which we human does not possess. This organ is located at the bottom of the dog’s nasal passage.This organ helps the dog’s nose to pick important cues which in turn are the signal messages for other dogs like mating, readiness etc.

These organs give the  dog’s nose a remarkable capability to smell bombs and explosives as well.

 C. How does a dog breath vs How does a human breath?
Whenever a dog breath, they take a deep breath. They use a short sniffing action while smelling. Whereas we humans breath in and breath out from the same airway passages led through our lungs. Also while smelling some particular scents we humans need to take several sniffs.We, humans, perceive the world through our eyes means vision likewise dogs perceive the world through their nose means to smell.

 D. How far a dog’s nose can smell?

Above mentioned is one of the common questions you might wonder? To explain it in simple terms it would be better if I give some of the examples like –

• The surprising fact is that a dog’s nose can literally sense a tiny amount of smell diluted in air,

• A dog’s nose can smell things buried 40feets beneath the ground.

• Experiments say, a dog’s nose can smell 1 or 2 parts of smell even diluted in per trillion too.

After doing the detailed analysis of who has the best sense of smelling. We have an answer it’s the dog or I should say The dog’s nose. The capability of dog’s nose in catching the smell at long distances crowns them as renowned rescuers.

It is difficult to mention in numerals as how many people have been rescued till date? Even if we start calculating. Hereby, we can proudly say dogs are the best to perform the task of saving the rescuers. And all credit goes to the dog’s nose.

The remarkable skill of the four-legged animal makes him the proud winner of who has the best sense of smell. Leaving behind humans as well.  The dog’s nose can not only smell bombs, humans, whale poops, DVD or any living thing buried beneath the land or water etc. But our emotions too.

The dogs were the best and will continue being the best. They are the sacred rescuers with just sniffing things. It would be difficult to provide the best security, without dogs. They not only protect us from upcoming dangers and also saves us when we are in danger. Making them extremely valuable. Which gives us a sense of responsibility to care for them. The ultimate conclusion says that the dog’s nose is best in smelling. Also considering them as the best in service and even proved many a time.

• About the author –

Ritu Sharma – I am a passionate writer and also a dog lover. I believe in the quote ” Each and every animal on earth have as much right to be here as you and me”. Love to travel, speak and explore the world. I use my passion for writing in the form of blogs to make people aware of pets and their health care.

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