Guard dogs – Its Time To Know Them In The Better Way

Guard dogs – The dogs that are specially bred to guard their owners. As the name itself clarifies that these dog breeds have an instinct to guard and protect their owners when confronted towards any danger. Most dogs have the habit to bark whenever they see something happening out of the normal routine, also any intruders etc. Whereas, there are some dogs those are specially bred to guard.

Guard dogs

Guard dog vs. Watchdogs –

People generally get confused between guard dogs and watch dogs. They find both of them similar. But the main difference that lies between the both is explained here with an example. Suppose you are the owner of a watchdog and someone intrudes your house then your dog will bark on the same and scare him. Whereas, If you have a guard dog then he is well capable of taking an action against the intruder besides barking. This will absolutely give a productive result to your family and your property in terms of security.

Some of the traits of guard dogs are as follows –

1. Bark – This is the first sign of the intruder to alert him of the presence of the guard dogs.

2. Familiar – Guard dogs are friendly in nature if they are introduced to the strangers and trained properly from the young age. If they are not trained properly and are kept separate and then are likely to be stubborn and naughty.

3. Attack – A guard dog alarms the intruder by barking and even after that the intruder fails to respond then he has to suffer the consequences of attacks.

4. Appearance – If you have a guard dog then it is obvious that your house is not an easy target from the predators or intruders. The muscular body, alert behavior, pointed ears and tail, growling, staring are some of the body language and behavior which is enough to deter the intruders.

5. Alarm – As mentioned above dog barking is the first sign for to aware him of the presence. This dog has an immense ability to sense the danger like fire, animals etc.

Highly recommended guard dog breeds –

1. The German Shepherd – They are considered best for professional training, police dog and for law enforcement agencies as well. But they also form great guard dogs. For the German shepherd, it is important to train them at an early stage. They have an acute sense of smell, great attacking skills etc.

2. The Rottweiler – When we are talking about a guard dog then the first breed that comes to mind is a Rottweiler. They are great guard dog with a great equilibrium of energy and intelligence. But the only drawback of this breed is their aggressive nature.

3. The Doberman Pinscher – This breed is comparatively smaller when compared to other guard dog breeds. But this does not lack them from being alert and attentive in danger. They have a great capability to alarm their owners from their intensive barking. They are aggressive too but are also great companions.

Other suggested guard dog breeds –

The above-mentioned dog breeds are the top lister’s in guard dog list whereas there are certain other breeds that are also considered as the next best in guarding. They are Labrador Retriever, Great Dane, Golden Retriever, Bulldogs etc.



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