Dogs breed with strongest bites – Who tops the chart?

Dogs breed with strongest bites. In this article, we will discuss the dog breeds that have the strongest bite among all. The bites of below mentioned dog breeds are measured in PSI.

PSI stands for pounds per square.



Is a guard dog breed originated in Turkey. Kangal is a commanding and heavy boned dog and is used as protectors against predators like wolves, jackals, bears etc. This dog breed is naturally defensive and does a great job outdoors. Kangal is not recommended as apartment dogs as it cannot be acquainted with property boundaries and can wander. As said about the predators, they can also effortlessly knock down the predators with their immense strength and their strongest bite makes them stand as the first dog breed with the strongest bite 743 PSI.



A large breed dog. Unlike their ancestors who are known to be violent, today’s mastiff is really calm and gentle ones. Talking about their appearances mastiff is massive, powerful dog breed. They are the silent guard dogs rather being the strong Barker and are mostly known as gentle giants. But it doesn’t mean they are careless or lack of confidence they can easily knock down the prey in one go. Mastiff is the second dog breed with the strongest bite of 556 PSI



One of the most misunderstood breed. They are just a four-legged toddlers who need to know their strength. They are loyal, robust and sometimes furious and once trained and exercised desirably, they become the best breed ever. Also, they can live in any environmental conditions with appropriate exercise. Rottweiler stands third dog breed with the strongest bite of 328 PSI

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A breed that is loyal, reliable and a compact four-legged dog. They are muscular and authoritative dog breed. They are known to remain higher on their legs. Talking about the gender, males are considered to be stockier than the females. Their strong jaws and scissor bite make them stand as the fourth dogs with the strongest bite of 305 PSI.



Alert, loyal and highly trainable dog breed which is known to be very active as well. Doberman is one such breed which forms a part of the family, guard and as well as law enforcement bodies. The reason for being the one is their intelligence and high grasping power. You want to break your bones then you can mess with a Doberman. Their fierce bite proudly makes them the fifth dogs with the strongest bite of 305 PSI.



The German Shepherd Dog is a large to medium size dog breed originated in Germany. They are also known as GSD or Alsatian, which were originally bred for herding sheep. Whereas, with the fleeting time everything has changed. The breed today is among the most popular, trusted and loyal breeds. They are part of the search and rescue team, police, military etc. Which is easy for anyone to believe the verge of their popularity? Their strong and courageous bite makes them the fifth dogs with the strongest bite of 305 PSI.

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Dogs breed with strongest bites

What comes to the mind when this name pit bull is heard? I guess the words power, muscular, courageous, eternal spirit. The pit bull is one such breed which is extremely powerful strong for his size. This is a misunderstood breed, people see them from a negative prospect but this breed is gentle and loves to please their masters. Their powerful jaw makes them the fifth dogs with the strongest bite of 235 PSI.

This article is just for reference purpose and the strength of the dog depends on the environment and training being given to them.


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