Attack dogs – Facts to be known about them & why?

Attack dogs are the dogs that are trained to attack a territory, intruder, property etc; by a human to attack on command. These dogs are in particularly trained to attack on command. If we look back to the history, we will find a well-recorded narration which starts before ancient Romans followed by napoleon for their superior senses till date.

Attack dogs


Attack dogs are ferocious and yet not precarious if nothing is done purposely. It means they are obedient, loyal and easy sociable. They will not attack unless and until they are commanded to the same. There is a misunderstanding that these dogs are very dangerous and ready to bite always. But this is not the truth; if they bite on command then they will also leave on command. This problem generally occurs when the dogs are not trained by a professional. It is very imperative to train the attack dogs in an appropriate well-defined manner. If a layman or unprofessional trains these dogs then there will be gruesome consequences.

Uses of Attack dogs –

  • To secure the post and attack the probable intruder
  • To be observant and inform the troops
  • Execute explosive detections
  • Keep a watch on intruders

These dogs’ attacks –

  • When they are commanded to do
  • When the owner is in danger

The most renowned Attack dogs are –

  1. German shepherd
  2. Belgian sheepdog
  3. Doberman pinscher

Though the above-mentioned breeds are most suited and supreme for attack training whereas they’re not well thought-out great with kids and other pets yet they are a perfect protection for the family.

Recommended Attack dogs –

  1. Rottweiler
  2. Bullmastiff
  3. American Bulldog

The other question that comes to mind is why only some particular dogs are preferred for being trained as attack dogs. The reason is an attack dog requires strength, courage, cleverness, serenity, endearing, companionable. These are the most favored attribute to be fulfilled and not all breeds have it. Attack dogs are so well trained that they are a part of military, police or I should say almost every law-enforcement agency in India and abroad for protection.

Dog security – Why they are considered the best for security

Dog security is mounting day by day. With the fleet of time, the word security can be given a synonym as dog security. It is unmatchable. But the question that comes to mind is Dog security really the best or it is just hype. We all know and every pet owner could relate to me that dogs are the best companion and dog security is the best.

Dog security

Even every law enforcement organizations hire dogs like a German shepherd, Labrador, and Golden retriever in the service. They are a part of many leading operations in order to save the country. Dog security has now been taken into consideration also because of their incredible senses, loyalty, intelligence etc. Even the latest technology cannot beat some of the security aspects given by dog security.

Let’s stumble upon the fundamental characteristics which make dogs the best in the service.

Strong sense –

We have discussed this earlier many a times that dog is the only animal with the strongest sense. Which makes them best for dog security

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Attack Mode –

Take an example of the security camera, now when an intruder enters what a security camera can do, it will record all the actions going on and that can be used in next stages of the investigation. But when the same situation arises in the presence of a dog, the consequences can be dreadful. Here there are no weapons and no technologies but the paws are on with sharp nails and the bite is a deterrent.

Protection –

another point favoring dog security is the sense of protection. Any events, house, high profile areas hire dogs for security. This four-legged animal gives a clear strength and makes the intruder think before acting against you. The growling dog even on a leash is enough to lay back.

Loyal and intelligent –

Talking about loyalty and not mentioning the name of dogs is a clear mistake and unforgivable too. They will effortlessly cross all the limits to prove their loyalty. Many dogs have landmarked their names for loyalty and intelligence. We should not forget zanjeer who saved lives of many in the Mumbai Bomb Blast 1993. And, all other dogs on security who gives their life-saving us.

Natural Instincts –

We know the senses of dogs are very sharp and they can smell, hear see those objects which we cannot even think. The security alarm word could be best if I refer the same with the dog barking. A barking dog is not annoying you, but alerting you of the upcoming trouble or terror. A dog in duty does not bark without reason.

It is a myth; large dogs are more protective than small dogs. There is nothing in the size every dog is different and every breed is special. With proper training, a dog becomes a part of the lifesaving squad. Having a dog next to you whether he is security dog or a guard dog he is special. They are the great companions and the best and unmatchable security service. “I am safe” this feeling is precious and a small four legged animal gives you this without anything in return and guarding you with the best security.



Sniffer dogs – How they are trained and why they are different?

Sniffer dogs are the dogs that are trained to detect explosives, drugs, detonators etc by means of their senses. The sense here we are talking about is the smell. As in our previous article, I have discussed the strongest sense of the dogs among which the sense of smelling has ruled the charts. As we all are familiar with the word sniff which means to depict up air perceptibly through the nose to detect a smell. Hence, this is the reason the dogs that use their sense of smell to detect the destructive elements are on the whole known as sniffer dogs. The very famous sniffer dogs are Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden retrievers etc.


sniffer dogs



First of all sniffer dogs not only sniffs bombs or explosives. But apart from these, there are a lot of things. So how they are trained to sense so many different smells is the question?

  • Basically, the training depends on which environment the particular dog is going to work on. For example; if the dog is going to work in bomb squad then the dog will be trained to smell the elements of bombs.
  • The second thing to consider are the target scents. A particular listing is made of target scents. And the list goes on.
  • The method of training yet again depends on the environment the dog is going to work.
  • Then comes rewarding the dog.  The fundamental rule that is followed on for every dog is accepted here as well. But here are some additional rules as well. Initially, the rewards are being given when the sniffer dog shows some form of detection. But with the ongoing training process, the rewards are reduced and are only given when the dog shows some characteristic achievement or a conditioned response. The response given here by the trainers are always passive and not- aggressive.


As we have discussed the sniffer dogs. Now how they work is also an interesting fact to be discussed. Sniffer dogs have a separate superiority of identifying the scents individually. This means once a dog sniffs it takes the scents individually even if there are a dozen of scents in the region.

  • The dog takes the sniffs and odor hit the odor receptors of the dog nose. Subsequent to this, the signal then moves from the nose to the sensory cortex which is responsible for processing sensations and smells. Following this, the sniffer dogs then interpret the smell and indicate accordingly to the handler regarding the detection.

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We acknowledge the work and the distinct quality of sniffer dogs. They are our proud soldiers who have saved lives of many and undoubtedly takes no credit.