Dog’s senses – Understanding the five senses of your dog

Dog’s senses – Knowing about the dog’s senses is essential, as it gives us to step forward in understanding this four-legged animal. Like we humans have five different senses which help us to perceive the world. Similarly, dogs too have five senses which help them to do the same. But the importance of dog senses varies. Let us explore the five senses of dogs in detail.

Dog's senses

Smell –

If we are talking about the dog’s strongest sense then the sense of smell comes foremost. Even various researchers say dog’s nose is 1,000 to 1,00,000 times superior to our nose. This is the prime reason they form an indispensable part of bomb squad being the efficient bomb/detonators detectors. The reason for having such outstanding sense of smell is due to the existence of olfactory membrane. This membrane consists of about one hundred million smell receptor cells and is responsible for the remarkable capability. In our previous articles we have discussed the incredible sense of dog’s nose and how does it work.

Hearing –

After smell the second best among the dog’s senses to be considered is hearing. When compared to our dog’s hearing capability is further. They can hear at an ultrasound range. Which means their capability of hearing is 2 octaves higher than us. When we hear a sound from far it takes some time to figure exactly from where the sound is coming whereas when a dog hears a sound, it could easily and accurately figure the source. Dogs can not only figure the high pitch sound but also the sounds with a low pitch as well. Every dog does not have the same strength of hearing; it varies from breeds and age. Also, while they grow old they also lose or we should say the hearing capability decreases like us.


The third among the dog’s senses that stands is the taste. The sense of taste in dogs is least even if compared with humans. We have 9,000 taste buds whereas dogs only have 2,000 taste buds. Also, we humans will prefer to taste something on the basis of the smell but it is not same for the dogs. They would prefer to taste anything on the basis of how strong the smell is. Take precautions while serving food to your dog, it must be taken into consideration that there are certain items which are allergic to dogs like coffee, chocolates, raisins etc. You can also read the blog – Dog Food – Sharing is Caring.

Touch –

Primarily, the first sense we all discover is the sense. Likewise when a puppy takes birth the first sense it discovers is the sense of touch from the mother. As we see the natural process the mother cleans the puppy by licking. The newborn’s body is completely covered nerve endings which are touch sensitive. By cleaning the body by the mother the blood circulation also pumps up. This sense is also important for them to get socialize and enhance the bond with the other pack-family. You might be thinking the whole body of the dog is sensitive but it’s not like that. The most sensitive part of the dog’s body is the muzzle and because of this, it interacts using the muzzle with everything. The least sensitive part of the dog’s body is the base of the neck. Which mean the place which we generally use to pat the dog.

Sight –

When compared to humans’ dog sight is not that great it doesn’t mean their visibility is very low or they suffer from color blindness. Basically, the colors to which they are restricted are white, black and gray. But they can also see some other colors like yellow and blue. Which means sight is not that better like us. But while night the visibility of dog’s vision is considered great. This is because their eye consists of more rods when compared to human’s eye. These rods help them to see better in the night while able to distinguish between the various shades of gray. But as a matter of fact with fleeting time and growing age, the sight of dogs decreases as like humans. So when your dog is seeing and barking during the night it is advised to take it on a serious note.

Their ability of dog’s senses to perceive the world in a different manner makes them distinct from all other animals. Their senses make them the best guard, protective and service dogs.